California based artist, Wendy Haden, owner of Not Just Color Designs, draws inspiration for her murals and wall finishes from her experiences while traveling the islands of Hawaii and the countryside of Europe. Although diverse, Wendy’s creativity, design sense and eye for color make her a valuable asset to local interior designers and discriminating clients that want to create a unique and custom look in their homes.

 “What a difference a mural or a custom faux design can make. It is creating beautification of space that brings warmth and character to a room as well as pleasure to the client.” Wendy strives to add more beauty to any given room.

 “My passion is giving my clients a final product that gives them solace and pleasure when they enter the room. I want them to feel that their ideas, taste and style have been personally attended to.”

 Wendy completed her first mural in a private residence in Truckee, CA. in 1992. The mural was created in a bathroom for twin boys. The theme was of a jungle with jungle animals on a 9’ x 20’ wall. The mural still stands today.

Wendy makes her home with her family in San Diego, with a client base stretching from San Diego, to Northern California and as far away as Arizona and Hawaii.