Powerful Things That You Can Do With Video

By Diane Strand

  • Use video for teaching/training (tutorials). It is much easier to follow video instructions than to follow along in text. Text does not talk to you. Text is static information whereas video is alive. We tend to interact with video as it invokes feelings and moves us to action.
  • Make video squeeze pages: A good video, a small amount of effective text and an opt-in form are all you need to make a short yet highly effective squeeze page.
  • Video introductions or summaries: Warm up your visitors for what they are about to receive. This will also eliminate a lot of text and make your pages shorter. Short pages mean less scrolling for the viewer.
  • Video sales letters: With video, we feel more like we are involved in a discussion. It is a great opportunity to press your prospects emotional buttons and get them excited about your product or service.
  • Make an interesting video biography for yourself or your business. This will give you validation with your visitors and validation is a very powerful tool.
  • Online video is probably the most powerful marketing tool you’ll ever use online.
  • Perhaps many of you already know that having video on a website produces better conversion rates; but how many of you know, or even thought about the SEO benefits of having video?
  • It has been proven that one can obtain a good ranking on Google overnight using web video. Google now rates video higher than large articles, videos that have good relevant (meta data) titles, descriptions and keywords used for the video’s name are more likely to be brought forward within the SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Video can give any sized business greater exposure and communication abilities
  • Online video ultimately exists to increase revenue by pushing traffic towards the website. Choosing the right package (i.e.  shooting and editing) is paramount in delivering successful video content – bottom line is – that is your company’s message to its intended audience.  
  • In today’s difficult economy, maintaining and improving upon online conversion rates and brand image is of paramount importance to the survival of any business – and as we all can agree upon, this takes a strong commitment and desire – one needs to clearly see a Return On Investment (ROI).

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